Commission UPDATED

2015-07-21 23:43:19 by MelonConCarne




Email if you’re interested! Just make the subject “Commission Request”

Extra Info:

If you want just waist-up or portrait I can bring the price down a little bit.

  • Add 60 % of the base price for additional characters.
  • I’ll do a sketch, send you a preview to see if you wanna proceed or want changes made. If you like the sketch, you can send payment and I’ll finish your artwork.
  • I don’t draw animals very well, anthro, and similar things aside from Pokemon.
  • I don’t do backgrounds normally, but if you want one we can negotiate pricing based on complexity.
  • I’ll send you a transparent and solid background version of everything.
  • I’ll draw OCs or Fan Art. *Please have a visual reference for OCs*
  • I work Mon-Fri full time so I work on the weekends now.

Thank you!